Media Asset Management

Our approach to Digital Asset management - creating and driving value for our customers


Consistent innovation in enabling technologies such as metadata, search, digital access, delivery, and storage


An integrated and open minded approach to commercial models and technology


Fundamental flexibility to accommodate diverse and evolving needs


Expertise and track record in content monetization

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Features of Library Manager

Ingest and Add Content with Ease Access, Manage, and Monetize your Assets
Easy onboarding of analog or digital content Bin, sharing and collaboration tools
Quality assurance ingest process Frame-accurate clip editing and “virtual clip” creation
Master replication at redundant storage location Transcoding services for delivery in almost any format
Multiple renditions made for proxy, thumbnail, and speedview Rich APIs to support B2B & B2C publishing
Frame-based metadata services during ingest create “smart content” Analytics track status, use, and sale of your assets
Audio, facial, and content specific analysis Web interface available in multiple languages
Integration with major editing and production tools such as Avid, VizRt, and others
Licensing management tools for pricing, rights, and distribution
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Additional Services




Rich metadata improving content discovery and monetization opportunities