Film Preparation

The inherently unstable acetate base films develops vinegar syndrome due to humidity, temperature and poor storage container. The instability over a period of time creates chemical decay in the safety films and they can be classified into four levels : just decaying, actively decaying, critical decaying and damaged.This chemical decay causes vinegar odour, shrinkage, plasticizer crystallization and warping.The degree of severity of the above said issues make the film materials not possible to run through the analog or digital process to recover the content.

Prasad Digital Film Laboratory has now developed a new technology from which the “decomposed film materials” in all the three levels (just decaying, actively decaying, critical decaying) and to some extent in the fourth level (damage) can now be treated chemically and made ready to run through a film scanner / sound follower, thus opening a whole new world of opportunities for content owners.

Before Film preparation

After Film preparation

After Treatment - RAW

After Treatment - Graded

After Treatment - Restored